Hi! Please Meet Cierra

Cierra Johnson is a 21-year-old Atlanta native  and writer who enjoys shedding positive light on those who have overcome adversity and spiritual warfare.  Moreover, she also enjoys highlighting the gifts in individuals who desire to pursue a purpose-driven lifestyle.  Cierra is a senior at Clark Atlanta University (CAU) studying Mass Media Arts  with a concentration in Journalism.  In her field of study, Cierra desires to use her gift of writing, storytelling, multimedia production, and ministry through books, film, television, print magazines, and more.  She believes God intends to use her greatly in the field of mass media to influence excellent change in the world. 

Although Cierra always wanted to help others discover and utilize their God-given gifts, she did not know ministry would be the center of her works.  Her imperfections and brokenness have caused her to become more knowledgeable of who God is and why she is called to fulfill His purpose. 

In Godly Love,

Cierra C. Johnson

(Photo Credits: April Johnson)